The Neighborhood Transformation Project

Investing in Properties - Investing in Communities - Empowering People

The Neighborhood Transformation Project (NTP) is a non-profit organization currently serving the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana region. We are dedicated to promoting homeownership for low to moderate income families. NTP believes everyone should be afforded the opportunity to own their property, regardless to their economic status.

NTP partners with elected officials and community organizers to identify properties we can rehab and sell them to residence of the community that are ready to become homeowners. Our homeownership initiative helps to stabilize the community and empowers people as homeowners. This program is also beneficial to the municipalities in many ways, to include, the generation of tax revenue, and job development in the community.


Our mission is to provide an affordable home ownership option for people of all income levels.  We seek housing equality for all.  Our goal is to energize communities through on-going neighborhood improvement.



The Neighborhood Transportation Project operates on philanthropic contributions from organizations and people like you. Your donations help us expand  and build new programs all over Chicago so that we may reach more people in need.



From concept to creation